Become a member of Green Bay Rugby Celtics

Each member of the Celtics is expected to pay dues so that our team can operate (league dues, refs, trainers, equipment, etc).


Returning player dues are $20 per month or a one time payment of $200 for the year (SAVES $40!)


New player dues are $10 per month for the FIRST year, or a one time payment of $100 for their FIRST year (SAVES $20!)


Before you can play in any sanctioned competitions, you must also become a member of USA Rugby. To join USA Rugby,  follow the link to sign up.   Register as a SENIOR member of Green Bay Rugby Football Club, Inc


One time Veteran Dues

$200 / year

Monthly Rookie Dues

$10 / month

One time Rookie Dues

$100 / year

Monthly Veteran Dues

$20 / month

President - Eric Osborn (

Vice President - Ed Borowitz (

Head Coach - Cole Coopman (

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